2017: My simple plan of making it spectacular

You’ve got copy needs. I’ve got copy services. Now take a deep breath.
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Isn’t it motivating to start off the year fresh and new? January 1 always gives a good excuse to put the past behind us and wipe the slate clean, in a way.

I don’t where you are in your business. But last year, I was a fledgling trying to take off, trying to bring my copywriting business to the surface.

I was following the leaders. Envying my competitors. Reading copywriting books, business books, entrepreneur books, self-help books. Listening to podcasts, downloading workbooks, PDFs, videos, webinars, action guides, and meditations.

My favorite part was joining the Connection Party going on in Facebook groups. (My first source of client love.)

Other than working with some clients who are killing it right now, I did a few other things that help me feel pretty good.

Other than working with some clients who are killing it right now, I did a few other things that help me feel pretty good.

In 2016,…


  • I hired a copywriting mentor. She taught me boatloads on how to tighten the copywriting bolts, put my systems in place, and how to overdeliver with clients. *blowing out my smoking gun*
  • I started journaling, writing 3 Morning Pages once I wake up. The idea comes from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”:  you just freewrite whatev’s on your mind first thing in the morning – in a swirly circle, illegibly, or with a neon pink gel pen if you want. By getting 3 jibberish nonsensical pages on paper – with a pen in your hand and not typed on a computer – you to vomit and poop everything that’s on your mind. Then you can think clearly and get more ideas and insight. Life-CHANGER.
  • I worked on the “m-word” that’s so hot among entrepreneurs these days = mindset. HUGE. I wrote out affirmations in my journal. Listened to affirmations on YouTube. Did 6-step visualizations first thing outta bed (after drinking a huge mug o’ coffee). Mindset work is always in progress but again – life-CHANGER.
  • I had my third baby. Yessum. I found out I was pregnant in March, which left me shell shocked for about a week. (I always wanted 3 kids, but I kinda left it outta my mind for a few years. Will post on that later.) I imagined my freelance career being crushed on the floor, then turning into dust particles, and being blown away into the atmosphere. I had to pick myself up again. Now Nico, my #3, is my BIG WHY that’s pushed me to move my ass.


So this year around this time, there’s always big talk about yearly planning, quarterly planning, strategies, words of the year, best years ever, killing it, crushing it, pulverizing 2017 between your pinky toes.

I had to join in on the 2017 Planning Soiree, right? So here we go.

For 2017, I chose my words of the year. They are…


Yesterday, I was cleaning out my photos, and I found baby photos of my second kid. He’s 4 now, but it made me think, “Damn. I miss that.” I know one day I’ll be saying the same thing in the future – about today. I’ll look back at how crazy + energetic + innocent + heart-meltingly cute my lil‘ knuckleheads are…

Don’t get me wrong, I wanna pull my hair out on lotsa days. But you know what? I want to savor the moments. Slow down the minutes. Really feel, with every fiber in my body, those warm heartbursts that I get. You know, when you look gazingly at your kids and you feel like your heart is gonna burst outta your body with LOVE? Me – I’m going to soak it in this year. Marinate. Ima enjoy those delicious, soul-stirring heartbursts that overcome my heart and body. #kidsarecrazybutsorewarding


I realized in 2016 – that it’s worth it to take some scary risks, like getting the first paid client…or showing up as an expert. In 2017, I’m getting my ass on video. I’m teaming up with Cristin Goss, of Goss Boss, where I share a bonus video on how to write a sales page. Her upcoming course,Beginner to BRAVA, will show you how to create your first face-to-face intro video for your biz! I’m suuuuper excited to be part of it. I gonna be a video masta! (I’m saying this to add accountability here too.)

I’m also gonna just stop looking outside my entrepreneurial lane. While I know it’s natural for entrepreneurs to see how the legends before them did it, I’m ready to take my own path. I’m going to take CREATIVE ACTION.

That means I’m gonna pave my own way of how I want to package my offerings, how to market, and how to just run my business. I’m committed not to overthink it and just go with what feels amazing and awesome. And JUST TAKE ACTION! ( <– accountability sentence)

So…that brings me to…

My 2017 Personal Goal:

I’m keeping frickin’ simple here.

It’s this:


Let’s talk about the feelgood master, Danielle LaPorte. She helps women focus on their Core Desired Feelings when planning your goals. How do you ultimately wanna feel? That’s the goal, right? To feel (name desired feeling here.)

I’m expecting her 2017 Desire Map Planner on my doorstep any second, and I can’t wait to use it! I resonate with just focusing on feelings (henceheartbursts, baby.)

My 2017 Business Goal:


I joined Melissa Cassera’s Obsessed group mentoring program which rocks my booties off! She teaches you how to have a pleasurable time while you’re working on your biz. It’s like, why should you be writing a blog post that you absolutely dread doing? You should love on your work, not make it feel like torture.

One thing we’ve done is focus on what she calls Pleasure Goals and not Punishing Goals. It’s when you commit yourself to goals that feel good – like helping people improve their copy – instead of saying, “I’m gonna make $5,000 by June!” then feel like an utter failure when things don’t happen.

So I’m committed to feeling good in my business, doing things that light me up and don’t feel like work.

AND FOR YOU, here’s how I’m gonna serve you.

I’m on a one-woman mission to help you improve your copy so it sounds #youlicious.

I want to help you:

1) feel aligned + fully expressed in your business with your content and copy

2) help you make dollas-euros-pounds with your content

3) have fun connecting with me and others all while doing it

With my words, I want to amplify your uniqueness to make it delightfully YOU! I’m committed to giving my clients the BEST service. Are you with me?

Raise your glasses for a toast. Cheers to a **smashing** 2017!

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