Get in touch

You can fill out a form on my website here. You’ll tell me a little bit about yourself, your business, and what kind of copy you’ll need. I’ll get into contact with you within 1-2 days to schedule a time to meet via Skype. We’re gonna meet!

Our first Skype date

We talk briefly via Skype so I can meet the genius behind the biz. Also, are we even a fit? We’ll chat a little more about your project and anything else like your dreams, buried fears, or secret crushes you wanna share.

Planning it out

We’re both in? Great! I’ll send you a contract and invoice for a 50% deposit. As soon as you return it to me, I’ll give you a firm date on when I can start working on your copy (usually within 1-2 weeks). In the meantime, I’ll send you in-depth questions about your vision, your mission, and your project. You get everything you think I need to write that copy. If needed, we’ll schedule our second date on Skype to hammer down any missing information, concerns, or other tiny details.

Researching and writing

I sit down, crack my knuckles, and get to channeling your voice. Like a mad scientist/highly caffeinated Martha Stewart, I retreat in my science lab-craft room.
That’s when I whip something up Pollack-style. Adding splashes of personality.  Injecting phrases of persuasion in a strategic way. Not wasting a word or precious web page real estate. In the meantime, you sit back while I send you updates every few days in the process. You can contact me too because I’m only an email / Facebook message away. I won’t leave you hangin’.

The masterpiece revealed

I send you the first draft within 7-10 days (depending on the workload). It will be marked up, saying why I made  choices as it relates to being persuasive copy. You review the document and give me your honest feedback. I go back and make those revisions (2 revisions included). Then you’re on our way to launching that bad boy.


When you have your stellar draft, you give me the A-okay. You pay me the remaining 50% of the invoice, and I’ll release the final copy. It’s official. Handshake and hug!