You’ve got the guts and the grit. Between cleaning couch stains and doing diaper changes, you’ve managed to transform your skills into a booming client-lovin’ business.
But now, you’ve got SO much client work that you can barely keep up with writing copy.
You’re so backed up in content creation that it’s causing all kinds of problems in your life…

– You’ve spent two Saturdays in a row in front of you computer writing content for your launch. Your kids ask your husband why Mommy can’t go out anymore. (Bring on the mommy guilt overload).
– Weeks have gone by since you’ve written a blog post. You wonder if you’re not reaching those potential clients that you’ll need in a few months.
– You’ve been meaning to send a newsletter your list. But your brain cells are too fried to think up ideas, so you just keep procrastinating and agonizing over it…


And if you want to grow your business and reach more clients, you need more (wo)manpower to give you that time. It’s impossible to write the content yourself, expand your business, and run a household with losing all your marbles unless you could clone yourself.

What if your content had a cruise control button?

Well, that’s why I’m here.

Can you imagine having incredible launch copy and a solid editorial calendar without lifting a finger to writing it yourself?
Can you imagine actually sleeping soundly at night, and STILL actually having time to do a cool Pinterest craft with your kid or taking Friday off for yoga?

Yeah. All you need is a copywriter on command!

Well I’m here to take all of that copy and content off of your plate with 1:1 writing support.


– You need copy for ongoing projects.
– Want someone who gets to know your brand inside + out so you don’t have to explain yourself again and again.

– You want someone who’s committed to giving you reliable content every month.
– You want consistent + cohesive messaging.
– You don’t want lots of copy, but don’t want to commit more than 1 month at a time.


I don’t charge by the hour. Instead, I focus on the awesome value of my content.

Blog posts (set of 4)

that inform, entertain, give value, and gets shared. Blog posts are up to 750 words. – $350

Email campaign (set of 5)

with a crackin’ headline and content that engages or tells a compelling story. Need a sales funnel? I’ll write a straight-shooting series that leads them to BUY. – $297

Sales Page

Got that One Special Thing you’re selling? Let’s pull your readers’ heartstrings and work that persuasive power on their wallets. – $439

3 Web Pages

(Home Page, About Page, Services Page) – $547

Opt-in Page (300 words)

Some enticing teaser content is the way to get people on your list. Give them the benefit, and let’s sign them up! – $147

Social media posts (set of 6)

Short(ish) and sweet. Get your audiences talking and responding to your inspirational story? How-to tips? Client wins? You name it. – $297

1 Web Page

Get brand messaging that’s consistent and shows off your credibility, value, and sparkling personality. – $189

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why on-demand writing?

    In one word: VALUE. Because you’re getting a bulk amount of copy, you get charged less than the one-off services. Your copy gets done while you sleep. And because we’ll work on an ongoing basis,…
    – I’ll understand your services and their benefits like the back of my hand
    – I’ll get to know how to write to your target audience – no need to explain tone, messaging, personality over and over
    – I’ll get to know how you work + operate. I can turn copy around faster and on schedule. We’ll both have flowing work schedules. Your content will be on autopilot!
    You’ll be able to control your cash flow because you’ll have a set budget for copy
    – Technically, you’re paying lower rates because you’re buying “in bulk” per se.
    It’s a win-win!

  • What are the rules?

    You can hire me on a month-to-month basis as needed. You make a $200 retainer for the month that you need the work.  This fee holds a special place in my calendar each month.

    The retainer fee is deducted from the cost of the project(s) you need. Then, at the end of the month, you pay the remaining balance.
    You can also email me anytime with questions. You can end the retainer relationship with a 7-days notice.

  • How can you write in my voice?

    Amazingly, I get inside your head without doing any weird psychic woo woo stuff. You’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire that deep dives into your business, your clients, and your own voice + voices you love.
    I’ll get you on the phone and pay attention like a hawk. I’ll take notes, listening for pauses, selection of words, and words that you repeat over and over, i.e. words that you love.
    I research. I read everything you’ve written. I check for tone, style, topics, structure, attitude, and other idiosyncrasies that makes your voice unique.  My goal? To get you to say, “You nailed it!”